Условия бронирования


System — www.deltahotel.pl website together with an on-line reservation panel.

Hotel Day — time of the Client’s stay in the hotel room, which begins at 2PM and ends at 12 noon the following day

Client — a person or legal person, who has the full capacity to act within the meaning of the Civil Code, or other person without legal personality, who, on the basis of separate regulations, can be a legal entity, making use of the System in order to reserve a hotel service.

On-line Reservations — reservation of a hotel service in real time via the System

No Show — a hotel day not used by the Client

Operator — Baza Civil Partnership, headquartered in Krakow, Mazowiecka 6

Administrator — personal data of persons making reservations is administered by the Operator, i.e. Civil Partnership, headquartered in Krakow, Mazowiecka 6, identified by the NIP number 954-199-36-86

A standard document, used in its electronic variant for room reservations within the System


1. The Client books a room in the System by filling in and sending the Form, included in the website www.deltahotel.pl.
2. The Operator does not take responsibility for lack of access to the System due to independent causes. The Operator may suspend access to the System, if that is necessary to remove failures, threats or other anomalies, or for other safety reasons.
3. The Client is obliged to fill in the Form correctly upon making the reservation. The Operator does not take responsibility for any services unrealized due to improper filling in of the Form by the Client, or because of giving false, incorrect or incomplete data in the Form, including wrong email address.
4. The Client, who has filled in the reservation form correctly, will receive a confirmation to the email address given in the form.
5. The reservation is effective and binding for the parties from the moment of receiving by the Client a confirmation of accepting their payment, made with a credit card, bank transfer or postal transfer, to the Operator’s DotPay account, indicated in the Form. The payment confirmation includes:
a) reservation number
b) DotPay transaction number
c) Client’s full name
d) phone no.
e) email
f) date of arrival and date of departure
g) number of people and the structure of the booked rooms
h) information on optional catering services booked by the Client
i) total cost of the reservation
j) data for VAT invoice (optional)
6. In order to receive a confirmation, the Client must fill in the Form correctly and give their email address. The System will automatically send the confirmation of booking along with the confirmation of DotPay payment recognition, to the Client’s email address.
7. All effective bookings made in the System are guaranteed, which means that the booked room will be kept for the Client until the end of the booked hotel day. In the case of no show with bookings longer than 1 day, and the Client’s lack of information of their willingness to use the remaining days, the hotel will cancel the service after the first unused day.


1. The Client, after accepting the Regulations, filling in the reservation Form and viewing calculated pricelist for the reservation, can make the booking at a catalogue price or at a discount price (according to the booking rules indicated in the conditions of a discount chosen by the Client).
2. Payments can be made: via credit card, bank transfer or postal transfer.
3. Settlement of transactions by credit card and e-transfer is carried out through the Settlement Centre Dotpay.
4. After choosing the type of payment, the Cient is redirected to a safe-payment DotPay site. Detailed conditions of making payments via DotPay can be found at: www.dotpay.pl.
5. The Client is informed of their reservation’s and payment’s status at every stage via email.
6. The reservation binds the Hotel and the Client from the moment of recognizing the payment to the Operator’s DotPay account.


1. Reservations made ​​through the System may be canceled only in writing through direct contact with the Hotel, which has been made, together with the reservation number and customer data. Cancellation is effective only if it is confirmed by the Operator.
The Operator will confirm the cancel immediately after receiving it.
2. A no-cost cancel is available up to 3 days before the scheduled Client’s arrival at the hotel indicated in the booking confirmation.
3. In case of cancelling the reservation after the term mentioned in paragraph 2, the Client will be charged the cost of the first night together with catering services they ordered for the first hotel day.
4. In case of cancelling the reservation before the term mentioned in paragraph 2, the amount will be returned via bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the Client.
5. The rules of cancelling reservations made via the System within a special offer, are described in the conditions of that special offer.
6. In case of a no-show, the Client will be charged for the first unused hotel day together with catering services they ordered.
7. Shortening your stay without keeping the term mentioned in paragraph 2 is not treated as a no-cost cancel.
8. Cancellations for groups — over 10 people — it is possible for 30 days before the date specified in the Hotel pobytuKlienta confirmation.
9. In case of cancellation after the deadline referred to in point. 8 advance payment shall be offset against losses resulting from the cancellation of hotel reservation.
10. In case one do not appear in the hotel or in case of a booking cancellation in specific periods (holidays, Christmas, etc.) — the whole prepayment is not paid back.


1. The Operator is obliged to do all in their power to realize the services resulting from the booking. Should the realization of the booking in the chosen Hotel turn out impossible due to Operator’s fault, then they will do all in their power to realize the service in another hotel of similar or higher standard within the period specified in the reservation Form, of which the Client will be immediately informed by the Operator.
2. In case of acting force majeure, independent from any of the parties, such as catastrophes, natural disasters, war, strikes or other exceptional situations preventing from realizing the ordered service, the Operator is free from their obligations and does not take responsibility for not performing the contract.


1. All reclamations regarding the stay at the Hotel are to be sent to the Hotel’s address or the Operator’s address within 48 hours from the moment of service termination.
2. The Operator is obliged to consider the reclamation within 14 days from the date of receiving it.


The person making reservations at www.deltahotel.pl website, allows their personal data do be placed in the Administrator’s database. The data will be processed, according to the regulations of the act on personal data security from 1997-29-08, to realize reservations, perform contracts, issue invoices, bills or conduct financial reports as well as for marketing purposes. The person making the reservation may view and edit their data as well as request cessation in its processing.


The Client accepts the conditions of the reservation by checking the option «I agree», which means that they are familiar with these regulations, and that they understand and accept its conditions and are aware of all consequences resulting from them.


1. Please be advised that we introduced «EKO rooms.» Upon request, guests receive a room devoid of sources of harmful radiation in the form of, among others, TV receivers.
2. There is a possibility of free rent TV receiver by the guest for the duration of your stay.


1. These regulations have been created in accordance with the Polish law. All claims are subject to jurisdiction of the appropriate court, competent for the Operator’s headquarters or the address of the Hotel, in which the services were, or were going to be, provided.
2. The Operator reserves the right to apply changes to these regulations.